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Famous Failures

May 19, 2020

This episode marks the end of Season 1 of Famous Failures. 

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Thank you to my podcast producer, Chris Mottram of Podcastily, and to my operations assistant, Brendan Seibel, for his research help. 

Thank you to the following individuals and institutions for preordering multiple copies of my bestselling new book Think Like a Rocket Scientist.

  • Orthogon Partners Investment Management
  • Luci McKean
  • Cathy Cheng
  • Tony Martignetti
  • Bill Brent
  • Ramesh Kumar
  • Fred Slete
  • James D. Kirk
  • Timothy Chips
  • Wendy Horng Brawer
  • Tim Oslovich
  • Doug Claffey
  • Christina Guthier
  • Julian Olin
  • Hans Schulte
  • Amy Luo
  • Renu Sharma
  • Ben Creo
  • Laolu Awogbade
  • Jeff McGrath